Maryse Boucher

Claims Adjuster

Maryse joined our team in April 2014 as an administrative assistant.

In the course of her work, she has demonstrated over time her rigor and sense of organization. Surrounded by experienced claims adjusters, Maryse began the AMF certification process, which she quickly obtained in claims expertise for both individuals and businesses.

In 2019, starting her new career, she took responsibility for automobile claim files, quickly developing her talent, she was entrusted with complete theft files as well as special investigations. She continues her journey on the road, causing direct damage.

His analytical mind and curiosity quickly opened the doors to more complex civil liability cases. All of the qualities demonstrated by Maryse make her a key element for our firm, which focuses on the training and development of interested and competent succession.


  • In the field since 2014

Written and spoken languages

  • French


  • Graduated in secretarial science from the Verdun-Lasalle College of Computer Science and Administration
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